WhatRunsWhere Review: Spy On Ads All Around The Web

By | July 18, 2017

Would you like to spy on your competitors’ ads, keywords and their campaigns?

Are you looking for the fastest way to launch a profitable campaign?

For affiliate marketers, it’s important to bring in quick results. However, there are so many tasks involving designing landing pages, running offers that you may feel overwhelmed.

So, how can you achieve desired results as quickly as possible?

The answer is: getting an ad spying tool.

In this article, I discussed one of the most popular and effective ad spying tools. And, the tool is WhatRunsWhere.

Spy On Ads All Around The Web

Article at a Glance

  • What Is WhatRunsWhere?
  • Why Should You Use WhatRunsWhere?
  • Overview of WhatRunsWhere Benefits?
  • Overview of WhatRunsWhere Features?
  • Pricing & Plans

Let’s cover each of these topics in depth:

What Is WhatRunsWhere?

What Runs Where is a competitive intelligence program. It allows you to research deep into the competitive realm for ads on various networks. It has a very unique procedure how it offers competitive information.

Why Should You Use WhatRunsWhere?

What Runs Where was developed to remedy the lack of complete and affordable competitive intelligence solutions. It’s been providing competitive intelligence solutions for online and mobile advertisers.

With What Runs Where, you can purchase more intelligently. You can discover new traffic sources and spy on your competition as well.

Overview of WhatRunsWhere Features

  • Cutting-Edge Technology – What Runs Where is a robust intelligence program built by over 40 ad networks. The ad networks are spread across several countries. It explores over 120,000 unique sites and identifies what various advertisers are occupying their ad space.
  • Actionable Insights – where are your competitors advertising? What ads are they publishing? Who are they buying through? Do you have all this type of information? You will after you used What Runs Where. These pieces of information are vital for marketing decisions for yourself or clients.
  • Global Coverage – What Runs Where monitors over 120,000 unique publishers across 21 countries. It allows access to data from 90,000+ mobile websites and 500+ classified mobile ad networks.
  • Daily Updates – What Runs Where updates its database daily. Therefore, as a user, you’ll always get the freshest data possible. With fresh data, you can monitor campaigns as they progress.
  • In-Depth Data – What Runs Where users are able to get in-depth look into the company and brand level ads. With such valuable data, you’re able to extract details on creative texts and images applied in winning campaigns.

Overview of WhatRunsWhere Features?  

  • Avant-garde technology
  • Daily updates
  • Global coverage
  • Actionable Insights
  • In-Depth information
  • Historical data
  • New opportunities

Pricing & Plans

What Runs Where pricing and plans are three-tier based.

  • Desktop Pro – $299/month.

Free Trial Duration – 3 days

  • Desktop + Mobile Pro – $399/month

Free Trial Duration – 3 days

  • Enterprise – by quote

» Dedicated support

» Multiple users

» Team Training

» Native Ad Intelligence

» Network Search

» Category Search

» Adblock Tool

» Additional Company Contacts

» Increased Track Domains

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What Runs Where is one of the best competitive intelligence programs available for display ad networks. It crawls over 40 ad networks across the world. It returns a list of c

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